Cloud Based Chiropractic Software

Cloud Based Chiropractic Software

Chiropractors have many choices when it comes to practice management software. It’s difficult to compare each particular feature of each brand of chiropractic software, so in this article, we’ll limit our comparison to cloud-based chiropractic software vs client-server based systems. Additionally, we’ll take a look at how each of their contrasting properties can affect your practice’s bottom line.

Cloud-Based Chiropractic Software Makes Good Sense For Chiropractors

Cloud-based chiropractic software offers significant advantages over client-server based software. Many IT experts now consider server-based software outdated and feel that it will become obsolete in the near future.

Cloud-based software systems provide companies with affordable access to the most updated versions of software, allow users to store data securely, and conduct businesses across multiple platforms and locations. Chiropractic offices can reap these same benefits by implementing cloud-based EMR system.

Here are some good reasons why cloud-based software may the best option for your practice:

Save Space & Money
With client-server based software, you need physical servers to store your data which involves installation of hardware, software and expensive maintenance. Servers also have a limited time-span, requiring replacement as they age.  On the other hand, when you opt for a cloud-based EHR, you eliminate the need physical servers and you can function efficiently from a small space.

Work Faster
You can never take chance with your patient medical records. With a client-server software, you run the risk of the data corruption, the program running slow, your system crashing, etc. With cloud-based software, these fears are greatly reduced as your data is stored safely in the cloud.

Keep It Simple
When you opt for a cloud-based EHR, your entire process is simplified as it runs on the web and not on your local system. The implementation is simple and there’s rarely a need to upgrade hardware. This will help in getting high ROI with low investment.

Predictable Low Monthly Fee
For many chiropractors, EHR implementation has taken a back seat due to the initial costs involved to get started. Upfront costs typically include the purchase of expensive equipment and software, which are soon followed by yearly support and licensing fees, maintenance expenditure, etc. Alternatively, the cloud-based HER software will have little to no upfront cost and doesn’t require hardware installation and maintenance. All you have to do is pay a predictable monthly fee which usually includes unlimited access and secure data storage.

Stay Connected
The cloud provides better accessibility because users can securely log on to their system with just a gadget and the internet connection. With this, you can remain connected to your staff and patients even long after you have left the office.

A cloud-based EHR system eases the process of adding new doctors, staff users, locations, etc. The flexibility of a cloud-based EHR system can help doctors expand their practice without actually emptying their pockets.

Security Concerns
Many chiropractors are under the impression that cloud-based software is less secure than server-based systems. A cloud-based EHR system is actually more secure than any server-based EHR system. Cloud-based EHR systems achieve HIPAA compliance through data centers which follow sophisticated encryption method that ensures that the data stored cannot be used or accessed by any unauthorized user. On the other hand, the server-based systems are often stored unencrypted and are as secure as your room is.

A growing number of chiropractors are realizing the benefits of using software built on cloud technology. Cloud-based EHR software not only makes good sense from a financial perspective, but is the best option to keep your data safe from hackers, unauthorized users, hardware failures, and natural disasters like fire and floods. Moreover, cloud technology can improve the workflow in your office and help to enhance the quality of care being delivered to your patients.

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