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Dr. Benjamin Tekippe D.C.
Dr. Benjamin Tekippe D.
20:44 26 Aug 19
Great program! Very user friendly and dependable!
david m. duhon d.c.
david m. duhon D.
16:45 28 Aug 19
best software ever
gary bofshever
gary B.
21:11 26 Aug 19
I love my software, so simple and fast to use. So happy i made the switch.
Kenzie Fox
Kenzie F.
20:04 03 Sep 19
My office is still fairly new to ChiroFusion, but already it is a large improvement over our previous software. As the manager for this practice, I use our software the most and I have been quite impressed with the simplicity and user – friendliness of ChiroFusion. They seem to have thought of everything and it is so helpful to have something specifically tailored to the needs of a chiropractic office.
ashley tester
ashley T.
21:05 26 Aug 19
I have been using ChiroFusion for over 2 years in my office. I do not have employees, it is just me. So it is essential that I have EHR and billing that is easy to use and quick. ChiroFusion is both!
Eric Crane
Eric C.
21:08 26 Aug 19
I like how simple ChiroFusion is to operate.
Kellie Baxter
Kellie B.
03:09 29 Aug 19
I love ChiroFusion. I have been using it since 2016 and it has worked flawlessly for my practice. The support staff was amazing when we started. They continue to add valuable features to the program. It’s nice knowing that they are just a quick phone call away if I ever need to reach out. Love the entire team at Chirofusion!!!
Dr. Gabriel Marti
Dr. Gabriel M.
18:29 26 Aug 19
Great Software and Support Team..
Shanda Whitney
Shanda W.
14:27 27 Aug 19
It’s easy to run once you figure out how to do everything I like it better than one health port
js S
js S
20:47 26 Aug 19
We use it this software at work and it is so easy to navigate.
Carol McCann
Carol M.
20:48 26 Aug 19
Great program. Handles scheduling, billing and notes. Great texting feature to remind patients about their upcoming schedule. Also has online patient forms that load into the program. We love the feature where we can upload our patients photo into their chart.
Sessions Chiro
Sessions C.
20:44 26 Aug 19
The software is user friendly and intuitive, but what I appreciate most about Chirofusion is the almost instantaneous support. I usually wait less than one hour before tech support has called and solved my issue.
Joshua Jameson
Joshua J.
20:43 26 Aug 19
Great product for the value. Great customer service. It gets the job done without a bunch of unnecessary fluff or extra steps.
Ashley Kauffman
Ashley K.
14:41 26 Aug 19
I love the ease of use. I can get my notes done quickly and efficiently. Top notch customer service as well.
qwerty uiop
qwerty U.
23:29 26 Aug 19
excellent product. great staff support and tutorial videos.
Karen Casper
Karen C.
16:28 26 Aug 19
I work for a provider who chose ChiroFusion and I have to say the support and learning videos are extremely helpful. It is rare that I have to mail claims and my EDI/EFT provide what I need for providing my patient’s with balanced statements.
Michelle Hesseltine
Michelle H.
13:53 27 Aug 19
The staff at ChiroFusion are awesome to deal with! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable whenever I call with questions. Quick easy process to get patients signed up to take advantage of discounted services for a small annual fee!
Brian Timms
Brian T.
00:03 27 Aug 19
Great value and easy to use!
Lyndsey Haynie
Lyndsey H.
23:37 26 Aug 19
Chirofusion has been a great EMR for our office after our last EMR crashed. I like the support and how fast they respond to problems.
Carlo Leon
Carlo L.
00:22 27 Aug 19
Switch to ChiroFusion about a year ago and have absolutely loved it! Costumer support is phenomenal when needed as well!!! Don’t hesitate make the switch!!!
Eric Crane
Eric C.
20:56 26 Aug 19
Helped me get a new office up and running with minimal staff
Ken Bauer
Ken B.
22:18 26 Aug 19
Excellent software program for Chiropractors. They are always updating the system to make it even more user friendly. Great support and it has nit crashed in over 2 years unlike other software programs have.
Matt Finlinson
Matt F.
18:34 26 Aug 19
They have been great for our practice. It has made billing and patient tracking much easier.
Hickman Chiropractic
Hickman C.
14:41 26 Aug 19
We switched from Medisoft/Medisoft Clinical to ChiroFusion in 2017. Instead of two separate programs, ChiroFusion has everything integrated into one-we can schedule, document, and bill without switching between programs. Chart notes are thorough and easy to follow. Text and email reminders are easy to setup. Billing is streamlined, and posting with ERAs is so much more efficient! Also, because ChiroFusion is Chrome based, we didn’t have to pay someone to come set things up for us. Training was a breeze! This system is super easy to learn and their help desk is great!
Dr. Kelsy Demelo
Dr. Kelsy D.
17:43 26 Aug 19
Easy to use, virtual training options are great. This software is a millennial Chiro dream come true.
Front Office
Front O.
19:50 27 Aug 19
They are not only a phone call away, but they are a team of helpful people. I can’t thank them enough! ChiroFusion your day !!! -Jenn
Nicholas Gonzales
Nicholas G.
21:25 26 Aug 19
easy and user friendly
Eric Cullen
Eric C.
13:43 28 Aug 19
Very user friendly.
Joel Fish
Joel F.
21:42 26 Aug 19
I have used Chirofusion for the past two years and have found it to be the easiest software to use to date and yet meets all of my office needs
Brian Fisher
Brian F.
15:56 27 Aug 19
Great product, great customer service. I would highly recommend them to a colleague.
Lewisburg Sport & Spine
Lewisburg Sport & S.
22:56 26 Aug 19
Easy to use with lots of helpful training videos. Good support and are fairly good at implementing features that you request.
ashlie nutter
ashlie N.
16:25 27 Aug 19
ChiroFusion helps keep our staff running efficiently! Highly recommend.
Rosa Ruiz
Rosa R.
19:58 27 Aug 19
Love Chiro Fusion is easy to use.
John Z
John Z
21:17 26 Aug 19
Chirofusion has made my day to day practice tasks much more efficient and effective. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a quality ehr.
Aaron Dushkin
Aaron D.
14:47 27 Aug 19
Great customer service and easy to use. Highly recommended for new chiropractors and ones that have been in practice for years.



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