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With over 600 stellar online reviews, ChiroFusion has fast become the top-rated cloud-based EHR software for chiropractors. We invite you to spend some time reading what others have to say about our software and service.

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Based on 174 reviews
Shanda Whitney
Shanda W.
14:27 27 Aug 19
It’s easy to run once you figure out how to do everything I like it better than one health port
Sessions Chiro
Sessions C.
20:44 26 Aug 19
The software is user friendly and intuitive, but what I appreciate most about Chirofusion is the almost instantaneous support. I usually wait less than one hour before tech support has called and solved my issue.
Joel Fish
Joel F.
21:42 26 Aug 19
I have used Chirofusion for the past two years and have found it to be the easiest software to use to date and yet meets all of my office needs
Amy Boyer
Amy B.
18:54 20 Aug 19
We have been using the ChiroFusion software for about two months, and it has been a very smooth transition from our previous software. To be honest, on first glance I felt that the front office/billing side of things would be more difficult than our previous software. Once I got past the “teaching an old dog new tricks” phase and we got everything set up, it has been a great transition and I would recommend ChiroFusion to other offices looking for a new EHR software.I have been through several software conversions in previous jobs, and none of them has gone smoothly. The data conversion happened just as promised, and the transition has gone smoothly!
qwerty uiop
qwerty U.
23:29 26 Aug 19
excellent product. great staff support and tutorial videos.
George K. Petruska, DC, DACRB
George K. Petruska, DC, D.
18:14 13 Aug 19
I am a former user and consultant to TGI software. I was in the process of looking for a new program. I researched a lot of the Chiropractic programs. I liked ChiroFusion the best. ChiroFusion is a user friendly true cloud based solution. I like that my claims clearing house Office Ally is already integrated into ChiroFusion. This makes your claims really simple. This reduces the steps needed to process claims. The note and exams areas are excellent and well designed with a comment box in every section that allows you to add your own macro’s creating a custom note, exam or report. One of the keys to getting paid is documentation. ChiroFusion will get you paid. I have a Rehab Practice and treat a lot of PI and Work Comp cases. Attorneys are impressed by my documentation. No matter what type of practice you have this is an excellent choice for your office. The program is in expensive and offers a lot of value for your dollar. I would highly recommend ChiroFusion.
Joshua Hirsch
Joshua H.
19:59 23 Aug 19
Excellent customer service. Consistent upgrades inline with industry standards and professional needs.
Michael Papas
Michael P.
21:02 09 Aug 19
I had looked around for a while but found no software that was affordable and easy to use. This is simple. When something doesn’t work or I really don’t understand they get in touch with me within an hour and the issue is always resolved by the end of the phone call. Personality, Love, and Passion for their customers is all I have to say. I highly recommend it to any chiropractor looking for a user-friendly, feature-rich EHR.
Kati Hansen
Kati H.
19:54 23 Aug 19
ChiroFusion is very user friendly and affordable. They are always coming out with updates and features that make my life easier and save me time. I have been a client for 3 years, and have not had any issues. Highly recommend!
Andrea Brennan
Andrea B.
13:18 14 Aug 19
We haven’t officially opened our practice yet but the training that we are receiving on how to operate Chirofusion is great! We can’t wait to use this software in our office. It’s so straightforward and easy to use!
Paul Newhart
Paul N.
12:32 26 Aug 19
I have used EMR’s in one form or another over the last at least 15 years. I previously had used one the med. office I was affiliated with had used. It was an excellent system; however..It was not geared towards a chiro. When I left that office a year ago, I had to search for a chiro. EMR that would fit my budget, but also offer the features I need. ChiroFusion definitely fit that bill! By the time I did the scheduled training with them, I was already doing “practice” notes and was able to navigate the system thanks to their flow. Sure, there a few ins and outs, but once familiar with them…there is no stopping you! Chart notes for a new patient can be entered within a few minutes; follw ups close to 20 sec. Great job to ChiroFusion!!!
Carlo Leon
Carlo L.
00:22 27 Aug 19
Switch to ChiroFusion about a year ago and have absolutely loved it! Costumer support is phenomenal when needed as well!!! Don’t hesitate make the switch!!!
Front Office
Front O.
19:50 27 Aug 19
They are not only a phone call away, but they are a team of helpful people. I can’t thank them enough! ChiroFusion your day !!! -Jenn
Michelle Hesseltine
Michelle H.
13:53 27 Aug 19
The staff at ChiroFusion are awesome to deal with! Extremely friendly and knowledgeable whenever I call with questions. Quick easy process to get patients signed up to take advantage of discounted services for a small annual fee!
Robert Press
Robert P.
22:41 23 Aug 19
This is the software I use at my office. It significantly cuts down on documentation time and allows me to focus on my patients. It generates really quite compliant documentation if you customize it even a little bit and it integrates for free with Office Ally for ease of billing. Very happy with ChiroFusion.
Dr. Kelsy Demelo
Dr. Kelsy D.
17:43 26 Aug 19
Easy to use, virtual training options are great. This software is a millennial Chiro dream come true.
Brian Fisher
Brian F.
15:56 27 Aug 19
Great product, great customer service. I would highly recommend them to a colleague.
Michelle Murray
Michelle M.
21:15 23 Aug 19
The staff at Chirofusion is the BEST! They are pretty quick at getting to my tickets I send in. And are very helpful with my questions and always explain it very well and they also go onto your computer and can see what is going on with your side. Its very helpful when they do that and I love the videos they send me on all of the questions I am having issues with. I learn alot from them. Thanks Chirofusion for always putting up with my phone calls I would put a ticket in at least twice a day and they are very patient with me.
Joshua Jameson
Joshua J.
20:43 26 Aug 19
Great product for the value. Great customer service. It gets the job done without a bunch of unnecessary fluff or extra steps.
Nick Spatoulas
Nick S.
15:22 16 Aug 19
I’ve been in practice for 24 years, and have used other EHRs as well as plain old ledger cards. This is by far the best and most efficient way to manage a practice, It’s super user-friendly, and very intuitive. The customer support is superb, and Stavros, who trained us, is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but made the whole experience a pleasure. The system itself is very through, and I have been asked for notes from insurance companies or by patients who needed them for reimbursement, and have never had an issue. They are easy to compile and have everything needed to get paid.The ease of use and ability to take someone from the moment they walk in the door, through submitting bills, saves our staff a ton of time. Their exam forms have almost every test and technique you can think of, and if something is not there, you just email them and they do their best to add it into the system asap. The low cost is also a huge plus. I have seen other systems and have friends who use them, and they not only have issues, but are paying an arm and a leg.I wish I knew about ChiroFusion years ago, because it would have made my life and practice so much easier. I’m a sole practitioner, so I do all the intake and billing myself, and this is a snap. They are constantly updating and making the software better, and are more than happy to take feature requests. I highly recommend ChiroFusion to any doctor looking for a new or better EHR.
Dr. Benjamin Tekippe D.C.
Dr. Benjamin Tekippe D.
20:44 26 Aug 19
Great program! Very user friendly and dependable!
Tim Sciullo
Tim S.
01:48 14 Aug 19
ChiroFusion is my second attempt with electronic records/billing services. The first “unnamed” company touted itself as being the best, but only proved to be the most expensive. It was slow, had numerous bugs and seemed more offline than on. I moved over to ChiroFusion about 3 years ago and have never been more satisfied. The system is smooth and fast with customizable SOAP notes, and billing could not be any easier. The customer service answers within minutes and they see it to completion. I have recommended ChiroFusion to other doc’s and they all have the same feeling about this system as I do. All that and I didn’t even mention that the cost of ChiroFusion blows the others away for all that you get. Tim Sciullo DC.
Carol-Ann Cozier-Douglas
Carol-Ann C.
20:31 23 Aug 19
Very reliable EMR software. Easy to use.
Erika Bonilla, DC, CCSP, SFG
Erika Bonilla, DC, CCSP, S.
20:02 23 Aug 19
I love the easy of use and affordability. Highly recommend it.
alex spinoso MD
alex spinoso M.
16:57 13 Aug 19
Easily the best EMR out there for small clinics/multiple clinics. Simple to use, great customer service and all around great product.
Michael Koris
Michael K.
17:43 20 Aug 19
Best software. Easy to use and easy to learn the system. Tried others and saw demos of others and ChiroFusion runs rings around other products that claim to be better. Simply the best for my practice. suits all my needs. Keeps track of all my plans and counts down visits left from my office packages. I never have to worry how many visits a patient has in their specific plan. Thanks Dr. K
Ruth McDanel
Ruth M.
18:53 20 Aug 19
ChiroFusion is a great option for chiropractic EHR at an affordable price!
Chris Keirnan
Chris K.
17:10 13 Aug 19
I’ve been using ChiroFusion for about 3 years now. I started searching for a web based EHR when my server computer was acting weird of my old EHR system. The old system was not very modern, and to maintain it was expensive. I decided to give Chirofusion a shot, and I’ve never looked back. The billing is very good, especially for my limited need for it, but when we have to bill insurance or a PI case, we can do it electronically. The notes are decent, and always getting better. I also like that they rolled out text reminders/email reminders. Also new which I plan on taking advantage of is online scheduling for patients. Setup was good, and they had great support whenever we had questions. They even made a few videos specifically for a question I had so we didn’t have to connect live. I would say it does 95% of what the biggest company does at 1/2 the price. Great value.
Kellie Baxter
Kellie B.
03:09 29 Aug 19
I love ChiroFusion. I have been using it since 2016 and it has worked flawlessly for my practice. The support staff was amazing when we started. They continue to add valuable features to the program. It’s nice knowing that they are just a quick phone call away if I ever need to reach out. Love the entire team at Chirofusion!!!
david m. duhon d.c.
david m. duhon D.
16:45 28 Aug 19
best software ever
Danielle Janssen
Danielle J.
20:58 23 Aug 19
Software platform is top-notch. The ease, accessibility, and service are outstanding. Whether you’re running a high-volume to low-volume clinic, insurance-based or cash, this is THE platform to advance your clinic! Your staff will thank you if you use CF!
Jessica Lockhart
Jessica L.
21:31 24 Aug 19
They have mild glitches. I use the basic $99 per month and it works for what I need. I have a 1 doctor no staff office and it’s easy to use on the go or in the office.
Robin Mingorance
Robin M.
12:07 24 Aug 19
I have used many programs in my 30 years as a medical biller. This program by far is the most user friendly software. When taking on new clients, I refer them to Chiro Fusion due to the ease of the program.
Patrick Tribble
Patrick T.
23:30 23 Aug 19
My office staff was just sharing with me how efficient, simple and seamless ChiroFusion was with scheduling, coding and billing. As a chiropractor with over 35 years of experience I have used many different softwares and this is one of the best.
Vincent Brechbill
Vincent B.
11:55 26 Aug 19
I love ChiroFusion! It is a great product and the support is quick and effective. 5 stars!!!
Cori Lindquist
Cori L.
23:09 13 Aug 19
Really appreciate the ease of chirofusion and the vast resources they have made available. If you can’t find an answer in the tutorials they are quick to respond to you with help. Has made our electronic billing so easy.
Adam Hawkins
Adam H.
22:33 24 Aug 19
I have used multiple EHR software over the past 10 years! ChiroFusion is so convenient, easy-to-use and Chiropractic-friendly. I would not go back to any other software.
Carol McCann
Carol M.
20:48 26 Aug 19
Great program. Handles scheduling, billing and notes. Great texting feature to remind patients about their upcoming schedule. Also has online patient forms that load into the program. We love the feature where we can upload our patients photo into their chart.
Virgene Silvers
Virgene S.
19:22 24 Aug 19
ChiroFusion is not a complicated program to use, priced right, recent updates are valued and the company promises more to come.
Michael E. LeBourgeois
Michael E. L.
12:59 26 Aug 19
Very easy to use, no equipment necessary, and the Help Desk is very knowledgeable and helpful. Also, the monthly fee is very reasonable, too!
Rosa Ruiz
Rosa R.
19:58 27 Aug 19
Love Chiro Fusion is easy to use.
Richard Hanley
Richard H.
20:29 23 Aug 19
Great customer service! Easy to use and very intuitive.
Megan Kerr
Megan K.
12:58 26 Aug 19
Fantastic Customer Service, easy to use and understand
Carolyn Longacre
Carolyn L.
20:31 23 Aug 19
Love their products! Makes my practice run a lot smoother. Billing is easy to do as well!
Derrick Wood
Derrick W.
19:59 13 Aug 19
I’ve used Chirofusion since the beginning of the year and have had a great experience. Once all insurance companies and ETF’s are set up, it’s pretty easy.
Quinn Arnaud
Quinn A.
17:17 20 Aug 19
This software is just what I needed for my practice. Very easy to use and great support!
Scott Kennedy
Scott K.
20:35 23 Aug 19
Chirofusion has helped our practice run seemlessly without added stress I have experienced with other practice management software. The auto EOB posting saves an enormous amount of time. The help desk is always prompt to return calls.
Steve Totin
Steve T.
21:58 23 Aug 19
Easy to use, detailed notes for prompt insurance payment and affordable too!
Bonnie Harder
Bonnie H.
20:50 14 Aug 19
We switched from Chiro8000/Forte EMR to ChiroFusion and this has helped our office almost double our income with the easier billing, excellent tech support, and a ton less “glitches” that the previous software could never work out. It is awesome to have tech support that calls you back at the time you scheduled and pays attention to the time zone you are in!
Karen Casper
Karen C.
16:28 26 Aug 19
I work for a provider who chose ChiroFusion and I have to say the support and learning videos are extremely helpful. It is rare that I have to mail claims and my EDI/EFT provide what I need for providing my patient’s with balanced statements.
Valerie Cachola
Valerie C.
17:53 25 Aug 19
Very easy and convenient to use, love having my scheduling, documentation, and billing all in one.
Rachel Sharp
Rachel S.
18:18 13 Aug 19
This software is quick and efficient. It has saved my office $$ in monthly fees and makes billing insurance a breeze.
Hickman Chiropractic
Hickman C.
14:41 26 Aug 19
We switched from Medisoft/Medisoft Clinical to ChiroFusion in 2017. Instead of two separate programs, ChiroFusion has everything integrated into one-we can schedule, document, and bill without switching between programs. Chart notes are thorough and easy to follow. Text and email reminders are easy to setup. Billing is streamlined, and posting with ERAs is so much more efficient! Also, because ChiroFusion is Chrome based, we didn’t have to pay someone to come set things up for us. Training was a breeze! This system is super easy to learn and their help desk is great!
Grace Garcia
Grace G.
19:55 23 Aug 19
I’m very happy with Chirofusion. I’ve been doing Billing for Chiropractic offices for over 11 years. From the Bay Area to now the NW region, I’ve convinced 2 offices/practitioners to make the switch and hopefully I’ll get more to make the move. Paper notes/claims just leave too much room for mistakes. With Chirofusion, there’s no confusion for insurance companies. It’s all there. Make the switch if you haven’t already!
Eric Cullen
Eric C.
13:43 28 Aug 19
Very user friendly.
Nicholas Gonzales
Nicholas G.
21:25 26 Aug 19
easy and user friendly
Julie Mace
Julie M.
20:40 23 Aug 19
This company is probably one of the very best when it comes to customer service. They’re always ready to answer any of my questions about the system or handling the insurance payments through the system and explain things when I don’t understand.
Ashley Kauffman
Ashley K.
14:41 26 Aug 19
I love the ease of use. I can get my notes done quickly and efficiently. Top notch customer service as well.
Deborah Smith
Deborah S.
11:13 24 Aug 19
Chirofusion has made my life so much easier. I’m out of the office at least an hour earlier at the end of the day. Entering my soap notes is so much quicker and easier by using an online software. I don’t have to spend hours pulling patient files, filing them out and them file them again. I love how easily it is to maneuver around the site I can have a patient checked in and out of the office so quickly not to mention detailed reports at my fingertips! It’s serms they are always working harder to make the system run even more efficient…I’m always excited to see what the next update is …it’s always very beneficial. They are always working hard to make my life better…Thank you Chirofusion !!!!
Kael Moulton
Kael M.
22:47 23 Aug 19
We love our EHR. Simple to use and efficient in our office. They are really helpful and quick to answer questions with the best customer service we’ve had. Thank you!
Eric Crane
Eric C.
21:08 26 Aug 19
I like how simple ChiroFusion is to operate.
Dr. Matthew Varner
Dr. Matthew V.
13:26 15 Aug 19
I love this software!! It is easy to use, very intuitive, and is perfect for chiropractors. I love that it is cloud-based and I don’t have to worry about servers. In my last clinic it was very complicated and such a hassle to deal with server problems. I love that I can log on from anywhere. The software allows you to do notes from an iPad or a laptop or even your phone if you’d like to go that far. They did a great job with the templates and I can get my notes done very quickly. Thanks you ChiroFusion for creating a leading chiropractic software that is affordable for new doctors! -Dr. Matthew Varner
Lance Maki
Lance M.
00:17 24 Aug 19
I love ChiroFusion! EHR, scheduling, and billing all in the same smooth, easy to use, cloud based software. Seriously, a monkey could use it efficiently. Any problems that may arise or questions I have are quickly answered and taken care of by the support staff. Seriously, any future chiropractors should seriously consider ChiroFusion!
Robert Cohen
Robert C.
16:51 18 Aug 19
We have been using ChiroFusion in our office for about 4 years and have been very satisfied. It’s easy to learn and use and has all the features that we need in our office. The software is updated regularly and the support team is friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend ChiroFusion to other DCs who are looking for an affordable and user-friendly system.
Dr. Tamara Carter
Dr. Tamara C.
19:55 23 Aug 19
I chose to use chirofusion when I opened my practice in 2018. They offered me a great rate and the software is easy to use. The support and training I received was priceless. I recommend it to all my colleagues who are looking for EHR software.



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