Complete Revenue Cycle Management

You focus on your patients. We'll focus on your payments.

Chiropractic Billing Software

We Are The Chiropractic Billing & Collections Experts

ChiroFusion’s revenue cycle management service helps Chiropractors to reduce claims denials, increase cash flow, reduce days in accounts receivable, increase efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.

We can solve your Accounts Receivable problems and eliminate the headaches and stress associated with billing and collections. 

Chiropractic Billing Services

Let Our Experienced Team Handle

Demographics & Charge Entry

We understand the importance of making sure that insurance ID numbers, claims address and all demographic and insurance information is entered correctly.

Visit Coding

We understand how to match chiropractic CPT codes to diagnosis codes so that the claims get paid.

Payment Posting

Insurance payments are posted to patient accounts in ChiroFusion. The posted payments are balanced against the bank deposit slips to ensure payments received are reconciled on a day to day basis.

Denial Management

Our experienced and proactive denial management team carefully analyze your remittance advice to identify the root causes of denials, zero pays, claim reversals and meticulously work on them until the claim is closed out.

A/R Followup

We eliminate the stress and hassles of dealing with insurance carriers and trying to chase down money that’s owed to you.

Eligibility & Benefits

In the era of high patient deductibles, we help take on the heavy lifting of gathering both eligibility and benefits before the patient visit.

Why Your Practice Should Outsource Your Billing to ChiroFusion

As the industry continues to focus on value-based care, it is becoming more important than ever to reduce costs and increase efficiency. By partnering with ChiroFusion, our team of chiropractic billing experts can help you reach the forefront of new emerging payment models while gaining better data that allows you to provide a higher quality of care.

  • Minimize denials and get paid faster
  • Never worry again about billing employee turnover
  • Access to trained medical billing specialists
  • Cut down on incoming phone calls
  • 100% transparency into your practice's financial health
  • Stay ahead of industry changes
  • Increase profitability by up to 20%

Let Us Help You Maximize Insurance Reimbursements

Learn more about how ChiroFusion’s chiropractic billing service can help to reduce office overhead and increase profitability. To sweeten the deal, we’ll even give you a 30-day free free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we outsource our chiropractic billing?

A. Chiropractic billing requires almost the same level of professional skills and knowledge as chiropractic medicine itself. Coding and billing take up an enormous amount of time and resources to the average practice, and there are still countless errors, leading to denials and underpayments. Outsourcing your billing to a chiropractic billing service can lower your costs and increase revenue. You can also lessen your dependence on administrative personnel and all the overhead costs that go along with billing. 

Q. What do you charge?

A. Our fees are among the most competitive you’ll find for the level of service that we offer. Fees are based on a number of factors, but typically range from 2.99% – 4.95% of net monthly collections. Learn more about our rates.

Q. Are there any setup fees or long-term contracts?

A. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts. We only ask that you provide us with 30-day written notice should you decide to cancel your service.

Q. How quick can I get started?

A. You can start immediately. Set up will only take a few days and then we can begin processing your billings and collections.

Q. Do you offer a free trial?

A. Yes we do. We offer a risk free 30-day free trial with no long-term contracts. We believe in our services and invite you to experience the difference we can make in your net revenue. 

Q. How can I learn more about your chiropractic billing services?

A. To learn more about our billing services, please visit  Our clients see an increase in practice profitability by up to 20% with a corresponding decrease in administrative costs. Let us help you solve your Accounts Receivable problem today!

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