All The Features You Need To Grow Your Practice

We offer a powerful, all-in-one practice management solution that’s designed to save you time, improve patient care and maximize profits. Over 10,000 users are already running a better practice with ChiroFusion. You can too.


Electronic Health Records

ChiroFusion offers the industry’s best and most affordable EHR solution to manage and grow your practice. We offer our clients a state-of-the-art fully integrated system that includes all the bells and whistles offered by those other guys at a fraction of the price.

100% Cloud Based EHR Software

There is never any software to download, install or update. We handle all updates and data backups for you so that you can focus on your patients.

All-In-One Integrated Software

Our integrated EHR software includes patient scheduling, reporting, billing and claims management.

Access Your Practice From Anywhere

With ChiroFusion, you'll never be limited to working from the office. Access your practice data from any internet connected device, anytime anywhere.

PC, Mac and Tablet Compatible

Our cloud-based software is compatible with your current office hardware and is PC, Mac and Tablet compatible.


Patient Scheduling

Our fully integrated appointment scheduler with online patient scheduling and text reminders includes everything you need to manage and streamline patient flow through your office. Because ChiroFusion is 100% web-based, you can access your office schedule anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device.

Access Your Schedule Anytime

With ChiroFusion, you can log into your practice schedule anytime, anywhere from any internet-connected device. You'll never be wondering when your next appointment is.

Define Custom Appointment Types

ChiroFusion's advanced scheduling module allows you to create custom appointment types and define their color and duration.

Online Patient Scheduling

ChiroFusion is the first and only EHR vendor to offer integrated online patient scheduling with TrueSync technology. Your patients can schedule appointments 24/7 365 days a year.

Reduce Missed Appointments

ChiroFusion includes free, unlimited email appointment reminders. Text message appointment reminders are also available and can reduce no-show rates by 30%.

Track Missed Appointments

Easily track and follow-up on missed, canceled and no-show appointments.

Quick Patient Self Check-In

Using our self check-in module, your patients can quickly and easily check-in for their appointments from a Tablet in your waiting room by entering a PIN code.


Documentation Made Easy!

ChiroFusion simplifies all aspects of reporting and documentation, and can save the average chiropractor nearly 250 hours a year in paperwork. ChiroFusion’s chiropractic SOAP notes are clear and concise and have been designed to hold up to the scrutiny of insurance companies. This means fewer denied claims on your end and increased reimbursements. 

30 Second SOAP Notes

Our advanced technology allows you to generate a detailed SOAP note and claim file in just 30 seconds.

Outcome Assessments & Care Plans

ChiroFusion comes with a variety of digitized outcome assessments that are digitally scored. Create and store custom care plans that can be used for any patient.

Compliant SOAP Notes

Our documentation system allows you to produce a detailed and complaint SOAP note that can help to increase Payer reimbursements.

Easily Share Patient Records

Patient medical records are easily managed with ChiroFusion. Share records electronically with patients, insurance adjusters or attorneys with a few clicks.


Billing & Claims Management

Chiropractic Billing Software for Chiropractors

When it comes to chiropractic billing and claims management, ChiroFusion has you covered. Because our practice management software is completely integrated, claims are auto-generated with each office note. This virtually eliminates the need for billing personnel. In fact, a chiropractic SOAP note and claim file can be generated in under 30 seconds! Claims can be printed locally or sent electronically through our integrated clearinghouse for processing with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The Only EHR With An Integrated Clearinghouse

Using our integrated clearinghouse, you can submit claims to over 1,800 different Payers - many free of charge.

Auto Payment Posting

ChiroFusion supports ERAs from within our software. This eliminates the need for billing staff to post insurance payments manually. This saves you time and money and keeps staff happier.

Track The Financial Health of Your Practice

ChiroFusion includes over 15 financial reports to help you accurately track the financial health of your practice at all times.

Auto-Generated Claims

ChiroFusion has essentially eliminated the need for charge entry. Claim files are auto-generated for each office note.

Real Time Updates On Claims

Get real time updates on the status of your claims the moment you submit them. This eliminates the need for follow-up calls and saves time and money.

Integrated Payment Processing

Our integrated payment processing partner makes collecting payments a breeze. Credit card payments post automatically. Easily setup wellness plans with auto billing.

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