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Save time. Save money. Save a few trees.

ChiroFusion Online Patient Registration

ChiroFusion modernizes and streamlines your patient registration process saving your patients and staff time. Our HIPAA compliant online forms allow your patients to complete their paperwork from the convenience of a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Best of all, your office receives the forms immediately. This ensures a happy patient and an efficient front desk.

Streamline Your Patient Registration
Our online intake forms make handling new patient paperwork a breeze. When a new patient makes an appointment, simply send them to the intake portal to create an account and complete and submit all their paperwork.

Save Time & Money
Invite your patients to fill out their paperwork from any web-enabled device before they arrive at your office. Eliminate labor costs associated with processing & handling paper intake forms and increase office efficiency.

Increased Patient Satisfaction
Patients routinely spend 20-30 minutes ahead of a new patient visit filling out paperwork in a doctor’s office. Our electronic intake forms result in significantly shorter wait times for patients thereby increasing patient satisfaction.

100% Customizable
Our intake forms are 100% customizable. You can completely replicate your current paper intake forms and have your patients sign them electronically.

HIPAA Compliant
Using SSL Security and PGP Encryption, our online intake forms are locked down so you don’t have to worry about compliance issues.

Chiropractic Online Patient Intake Forms
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Chiropractic Online Intake Forms by ChiroFusion

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Sign up for Online Patient Intakes before March 1st, 2018 and we’ll waive the $99 setup fee. You pay only $49/month. Add our Text Message Appointment Reminders and pay just $39/month.


How do my patients receive and complete online intake forms? Your patient will need a scheduled appointment and a valid email address in order to completed their intake forms electronically. Offices have the option to send the patient an appointment reminder with a link to the intake forms or have the patient complete their paperwork in the waiting room using a tablet or iPad.

Is the data from the patient online intake forms automatically transferred to ChiroFusion? Yes. Once a patient has completed their electronic paperwork, the information is automatically and securely transmitted to the patient’s record within ChiroFusion. Office staff are notified whenever a new intake has been received and can easily track pending intake forms.

How customizable are the online intake forms? Your patient intake forms can be customized to match your current paper forms using our drag and drop form builder. Forms can include your patient’s insurance coverage, HPI, subjective complaints, comprehensive health history, HIPAA privacy and any other release forms you have. If you don’t have your own forms, we have standard forms in the system you can use. The forms can also be branded with your company logo.

What is the cost for online intake forms? Our online patient intake forms start at only $49/month. Electronic forms pay for themselves as they eliminate labor costs associated with processing & handling paper intake forms and increase office efficiency. Your patients will also spend less time in your waiting room and be much happier.