Text Appointment Reminders for Chiropractors

Missed appointments equal lost revenue for your office. Put your appointment reminders on auto pilot today.

Reduce No-Shows. Increase Revenue.

Text appointment reminders are the best way for chiropractors to reduce no-shows and free up important staff time. Our patient text reminders automate the repetitive, time-consuming task of reminding and confirming appointments. 

Reduce Missed Appointments by 50%

The average chiropractic office averages a 15% no-show rate. Most no-shows occur because patients simply forgot about their appointment. Text message reminders have been proven to significantly reduce the number of missed appointments, and in turn, increase overall revenue.

Easy Setup

Choose when, and to which patients to send text reminders. Got repeating appointments? No problem, you can set your text reminders to automatically go out for all future appointments.

Instant Appointment Confirmations

When your patients reply to a text reminder, ChiroFusion's schedule instantly displays the confirmation in real-time as a green or red icon preceding the patient's name. This makes it easy for your staff to easily identify patients who have confirmed or cancelled their appointments and follow-up accordingly.

HIPAA Compliant

Health and Human Services has approved text message reminders as an integral part of patient care. You should always receive prior authorization to send reminders. Including it in your standard HIPAA documentation is a good idea.

Why Do Patients Miss Appointments?

In 2017, the Medical Group Management Association conducted a survey of over 143 patients to understand how medical offices can optimize their scheduling efforts. Of the patients who had missed an appointment in the last year, most (52.4%) reported that they simply forgot to attend or cancel. 28.6% cited that they wrote down the wrong time or date, and 23.8% said they had to miss the appointment due to other issues such as traffic or work.

Why chiropractic patients miss appointments

How Can Chiropractors Reduce Missed Appointments?

It goes without saying that you can’t control traffic or work conflicts. However, you can do something about the 81% of appointments that are missed due to forgetfulness or miscommunication. Nearly 40% of the patients in the MGMA survey said a reminder via text message would have helped them to remember their appointment.
Chiropractic patients prefer text appointment reminders

The message is clear. Text message appointment reminders save time and money and increase revenue.