Cloud-Based Chiropractic EHR Software

Cloud Software vs Server-Based Software. The $10,000 Decision.

We understand that you have many options when it comes to choosing a chiropractic EMR software for your practice and would like to take a brief moment to further educate you on the differences between the two primary categories of software – cloud and server-based software – and the total implementation and maintenance costs associated with each of them.

What's The Difference? Cloud vs Server-Based Software

In a cloud-based system like ChiroFusion, your practice data is stored on external servers and is accessed through the web using any device with an internet connection. Server-based (non-cloud) systems store data on a local server in your office.

Cost Comparison: Cloud vs Server-Based Software

A server-based system will almost always cost you considerably more than what the salesperson quotes you upfront. Below is an estimated breakdown of the hidden startup costs associated with server-based systems like Chirotouch® or Eclipse®.

Non-Cloud Based System (Server-Based Software)

  • Dedicated server is required. Estimated cost. $3000-$5000.
  • Must hire IT staff to install software and configure database on the server, and network all computers in the office. Estimated cost:  $2500-$3500.
  • The server must be replaced every 3-5 years. Estimated cost. $6000-$8000.
  • Maintenance cost. It takes professional IT support to maintain and manage a server.  Not only is it a complicated piece of hardware and software. Estimated cost. $200-$400/month.
  • Data backup fees. Generally you will pay at least $1/GB of online data/month. So if you have 100 GB of data to backup the cost would be an additional $100/month.
  • Must put up firewall to comply with HIPAA security regulations. Estimated cost. $650-$800.
  • No remote access outside of office unless you purchase 3rd party software. Estimated cost. $75-$100/month.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based System

A cloud-based system like ChiroFusion is simply more convenient and cost-effective than server-based systems. All that’s required is a device with an internet connection. Your only costs are the initial setup fee and the monthly subscription.

  • No server or additional hardware required.
  • No network required.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • No data backup needed.
  • No firewall needed.
  • No remote login software needed.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • Short implementation period. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Your decision to pick a cloud or client-server based software should be a direct reflection of what you’re hoping to achieve. If the goal is security, functionality, convenience, and cutting costs, cloud-based software may be the best option. If the preference is for control, then server-based might be the better choice.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or concerns about cloud or server based chiropractic EHR software. You can reach us by phone during normal business hours at (877) 210-3230.

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